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What an awesome night we had on Thursday!
Thank you to everyone that came and showed off their dance moves! We were extremely lucky that the weather cleared up and it wasn't pouring down like it was the night before!
If you missed it due to ill health, don't worry - you can come to the next one!!

KA RAWE Derron!!

A HUGE PAKI PAKI to Derron for learning ALL his magenta (pink) words!!
You are AMAZING and room 12 is so PROUD of you!!
:) Well done!!

Homai Art Exhbition

This term we have been working together with our buddy classes (Rooms 5 and 15) to create art pieces for our exhibition and today was our day to shine!
All our work was put together as part of a whole school exhibition and we had the opportunity to go and browse through and have a look at all the hard work everyone has done as a school wide project.
Whanau - the exhibition is open for you to view tomorrow (27/06/18) and you can even purchase some masterpieces!




Matariki Expo

Here are a few pictures from the Matariki Expo we had in school :)
Our tamariki really enjoyed all the different activities that were set out for the day. Thank you TMNaK for organising such a lovely experience!

Tino Pai Mahalia!

A huge congratulations to Mahalia who has learnt all her magenta (pink) words! All your hard work has paid off and room 12 is SUPER proud of you!
It's a bitter sweet day as you are moving house and this also means that you are leaving us also.
We will miss your bright and bubbly personality Mahalia - all the very best for the future.
Ka kite and nui te aroha!

Looking at the roles and responsibilities around the school

For our inquiry, we had a few questions about different peoples jobs so we decided to take a walk around school to find out what other peoples roles and responsibilities were.
We looked at what they did, what they wore and who they worked with.
Here are some pictures from our walk:

Looking at RESPONSIBILITY within the classroom

So, since the role growth and the opening of room 15, our tamariki in room 12 mostly comprise of new students :) We still have a few of us from last term - including Miss Chand, and we have been talking a lot about role modelling, being good citizens and looking after not only our classroom, but also each other.
Here are a few pictures of us putting things in the right places, tidying up, pushing chairs in, sharing our equipment and also AROHA as this is an important aspect of school life for us.

TE REO with Matua Brian

We really love having Matua Brian come in and teach us some Te Reo on a weekly basis. Our tamariki are definitely learning lots and enjoying the journey... THANKS MATUA BRIAN!

#Bake Sale!!

Our Tamariki have been working EXTRA hard with helping organise our Junior Bake Sale to help raise funds for our SLEEPOVER :) 
Here are some awesome pictures showing how they worked together and had a lot of fun along the way!
This links to our Inquiry and the children have done a wonderful job in taking ownership for the whole event. KA PAI TAMARIKI!!