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Term 3

Welcome back to a fun-filled term! Our tamariki were super excited to be back at school and this has already been a very busy week for us all, but it's great to be back :)
We are working alongside one another really well and also checking our answers/work when we do our activities.  Our shared book this week was 'A good idea' and during our discussions, we found that the animals felt hot - through predictions using pictures for clues, but we didn't really know WHY they wanted to to all be under the shade, so we took a little walk outside and found the big tree to do some physical research. We talked about what was making the shade outside room 10 and when I asked the kids to stand under the shade, and then asked them how they felt, they said they felt, "cold" and "freezing" and then when I asked them to step outside the shade, into the sun with the question, "How do you feel now?" They responded with, "nice and warm" and "h…